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Polymer Industries India Limited is the largest processor of UHMWPE in Asian market since 1985.

Polymer Industries is processing about 2000 MT annually of UHMWPE material and has the state of art of machine shop catering to all the needs of user industries.

The plant at Hyderabad started in 1985 with technical collaboration of Solidur Plastics Ltd, Germany and changed its name to Polymer Industries India Ltd in June 2004, as the wholly owned subsidiary of Polymer Industries USA.

POLYMER INDUSTRIES INDIA LIMITED is considered as a market leader in UHMWPE, as handling premium quality raw materials. Polymer is the best in class with quality of products.

POLYMER INDUSTRIES INDIA LIMITED has strong customer base in India and also exports to the middle east and south east Asian countries apart from Australia and North African countries.

since 1985 we have remained committed by providing not only best product in our industry but the best service to our customer as well.

Our focus is to continue to supply quality products and also to develop new applications in uhmwpe material.apart from developing the productivity we are constantly striving for new products through reverse engineering.


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