Polymer Industries India Limited is one of the global leader in designing, engineering and production of fender pads. UHMWPE fender facings bolted ur bonded. Fender front creates a unbreakable low friction shield which protects surfaces from impact and abrasion. UHMWPE can be designed into the construction of new fendering structures enduring continues impact and rubbing prolonged ultra voilte light exposure. Wide temperature, salt and chemical contact.

We offer fenders made of Polyslick Anti static, Polyslick UV stabilized, Polyslick SS, Polyslick blue, Polyslick CP poly slick blue.

  • Impact resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • UV protected
  • Will not corrode, rot or splinter
  • Resists marine borers and barnacle growth
  • Non-sparking
  • Can be drilled, chamfered and fabricated to meet customer specifications

facia and frontal pads for the follwing fenders

  • Dock Facings
  • Bridge Fenders
  • Boat Rails and Gunnels
  • Canal Lock Door Panels
  • Lock and Dam Guidewall
  • Dry Dock Walls and Side Rails
  • Floating Docks
  • Pipeline Fenders
  • Sliding Pads
  • Pier Protection
  • Canal Lock Walls
  • Keel and Bilge Block Facings
  • Wharf, Pier, and Lock Fenders
  • Offshore Pump Station Fenders
Polyslick ® AS
Polyslick ® UV
Polyslick ® DM
Polyslick ® SKY BLUE
Polyslick ® BL
*FDA and USDA approved color. RoHs and REACH Compliant.
*Custom colors are Available.
Planed Smooth as molded
Note: Other sizes, colors and formulations available upon request


Typical Properties

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